Work Package 1 Management of GENOVATE Consortium

Led by University of Bradford, United Kingdom (UNIBRAD)


  • To ensure direct communication with the European Commission (EC) with relation to the on-going management of the GENOVATE project within the contractual legal and ethical frameworks.
  • To strategically manage the development through to completion of the GENOVATE project whilst ensuring sustainability of the outcomes within and beyond the GENOVATE consortium.

Description of work and role

Task 1.1: Project Co-ordination - administrative and financial management.

Task 1.2 Establish appropriate strategic management and coordination structures to support and enable effective delivery of GENOVATE project.


D1.1 Kick-off meeting [Month 1]

D1.2 Terms of Reference and membership of the management and decision making structures, General Assembly (GEN), Operations Group (OG) and International Advisory Board (IAB) [Month 1]

D1.3 Document on rules and procedures including monitoring and evaluation processes related to GENOVATE consortium [Month 1]

D1.4 Agreement on periodic activity and management reports to the EC [Month 1]