Work Package 6 - Knowledge exchange and institutional case studies

Led by Universita degli Studi de Napoli Federico II, Italy, (UNINA)


  • To create a 'buddy' system whereby each consortium member is matched with one or two other partners so as to share and exchange information, and to seek or receive guidance and advice in particular areas of interest.
  • to develop case studies that are focused on the GEAPs implemented in each institution partner within a general framework coordinated and shared with the rest of the consortium.

Description of work and role of partners

All partners will participate in this work package to contribute to the delivery of the following tasks:

Task 6.1 To design bespoke tools for effective shared learning and customise existing tools to exchange knowledge among partners.

Task 6.2 To coordinate and activate a system of shared knowledge and the promotion of learning, with peer to peer and benchlearning methods, within and across the consortium.

Task 6.3 To define and design a suitable format for case studies to be shared across the consortium and gather case studies findings and disseminate these within the consortium.

Working Documents

WD6.1 GENOVATE Convention Report [Months 4, 15, 28, & 40]

Annual Progress Report WP6 [Years 1-3 months 9, 21 & 30]

Final Report WP6 [Month 44]


D6.1 Virtual collaboration platform for knowledge exchange and benchlearning [Month 22]

D6.1 Virtual platform for knowledge sharing (pdf, 1.1 MB)

D6.1 Virtual platform for knowledge sharing (docx, 1.2 MB)

D6.2 portfolio of institutional case studies from each consortium partner [Month 41]