Work Package 7 - Evaluation

Led by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (UCM)


  • To evaluate the GENOVATE project, and the design and implementation of the Gender Action Plans (GEAPs) in each partner institution, fulfilling the three functions of improvement (learning from practice and for improving the project and GEAPs), accountability (towards the EC and for demonstrating that European money is worthily spent) and enlightenment (for learning beyond the concrete project GENOVATE and for contributing to the transformation of organisational cultures towards gender equality)
  • To inform the decision making processes within and beyond the project, offering feedback and useful information about the design, the implementation, the outputs and the potential impacts of both the GENOVATE project as a whole and the GEAPs in the different partner institutions.
  • To facilitate organisational learning through evaluation, integrating the evaluation process within each partner institution and each GEAP through the use of participatory, empowerment, learning and capacity building tools rated by GENOVATE
  • To produce a shared knowledge on evaluating GEAPs in research institutions which can be used beyond GENOVATE

Description of work and role of partners

All partners will participate in this work package to contribute to the delivery of the following tasks:

Task 7.1 to prepare and deliver 'evaluation seminars' at the GENOVATE annual Conventions which will fulfil different purposes

Task 7.2 To undertake on-site visits and virtual reflections

Task 7.3 to develop guidelines for evaluating GEAPs within partner institutions which will include 'quality criteria'

Working Documents

WD7.1 Annual Progress Report WP7 [Months 6, 18, & 30]

WD7.2 Report from ePortfolio on partners' experience [Month 43]


D7.1 Guidelines for Evaluation GEAPs, including quality criteria [Month 42]

D7.2 Final evaluation report [Month 46]