Work Package 3 - Gender Equality in Recruitment, Progression and Research Support

Led by University College Cork, Ireland (UCC)


  • To overcome direct and indirect gender discrimination by positively strengthening selection processes relating to recruitment, promotion and progression of, and support for, researchers.
  • To strengthen the presence of women in academic/research leadership positions, senior academic research positions and senior positions in research bodies and councils.
  • To support women in accessing opportunities for advancement in their research careers through positive-action initiatives.

Description of work and role of partners

All six core partners will participate in this work package on the basis of the actions identified in their Gender Equality Action Plans.  Each partner will deliver actions within their own institution to contribute to the overall work-package objectives.  The actions will be tailored to each specific national and institutional context, as detailed in the  Gender Equality Action Plans, but together will contribute to the delivery of the following three work-package tasks:

Task 3.1 To develop and implement institutional strategies for gender quality in academic recruitment, promotion and progression.

Task 3.2 To set gender targets for senior academic and research positions

Task 3.3 To support female academic researchers in accessing opportunities for advancement in their careers.

Working Documents

WD3.1 Six institutional Recruitment, Progression and Research Support Strategy documents, incorporating identification of opportunities and barriers and establishing monitoring and evaluation procedures [Month 6].

WD3.2 Annual progress Report [Months 10, 18, 30, & 33]

WD3.3 Final Report [Year 4. Month 42]


D3.1 Contextualised Guidelines on Implementation of measures for Gender Equality in Recruitment, Promotion and Progression for Academics and Researchers, which will recognise the role of local and institutional specificity, and therefore will have European relevance [Month 40]