Work Package 2 - Development of a social model of gender equality implementation

Led by Trnava University in Tranava, Slovakia (TU)


  • To develop a contemporary model of gender equality implementation iteratively - a Gender Change Academy Model - guided by the Change Academy Model and based on the process and outcomes of the GENOVATE project.
  • To establish a standard consultation model that will enable the comparison of Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) implementation at micro and macro institutional levels in each partner organisation.
  • To identify facilitators and barriers to model implementation from each partner in order to demonstrate a holistic and people-informed way of viewing gender equality implementation in research institutions across Europe

Description of work and role partners

All partners will participate in this work package to  contribute to the delivery of the following tasks:

Task 2.1 Creation of appropriate mechanisms through which institutions will feed in their respective GEAP implementation information.

Task 2.2 Gather and analyse data on the processes and outcomes in order to iteratively create the model.

Working Documents

WD2.1 Annual Progress Reports [Months 6, 18 & 30]

WD2.2 Final Report [Year 4. month 41]


D2.1 Gender Change Academy Model: model of gender equality implementation incorporating step-by-step account (road-map) in project progression to model development [Month 42]