Work Package 5 - Excellence in research and innovation through gender equality and diversity.

Led by Lulea university of Technology, Sweden (LTU)


  • To promote the benefits of gender and diversity perspectives in enhancing excellence in research and innovation systems
  • To strengthen research excellence frameworks and policies for gender equality and diversity
  • To strengthen innovation systems by promoting gender equality and diversity

Description of work

All six core partners will participate in this work package to contribute to the delivery of the following tasks:

Task 5.1 To develop a code of practice for embedding gender equality and diversity into research and innovation excellence standards

Task 5.2 To develop tools and methods to integrate gender and diversity  perspectives in innovation systems

Task 5.3 To create a case-study Portfolio of how gender diversity perspectives can benefit excellence in research and innovation in on-going projects and initiatives

Working Documents

WD5.1 Annual Progress Reports on achievement of WP5 goals (input to the implementation roadmap in WP2) [Months 12, 18, 24 & 37]

WD5.2 Final Report on achievement of WP5 goals [Month 42]


D5.1 Code of Practice for gender and diversity competent research excellence standards for partner institutions [Month 22]

D5.2 Gender and Diversity Toolkit to integrate gender and diversity perspective in innovation systems [Month 41]