Prof Melita Kovacevic

09.45am From Policies to tailored actions to transform organisational culture for gender equality in research and innovation.

Melita Kovacevic. Melita Kovacevic is a former Vice-Rector for Research and Technology at the University of Zagreb (2006-2014) and Full Professor at the Department of Speech and Language Pathology. Melita Kovačević was educated in Croatia (bachelor and doctoral degree) and in the United States (master degree). Her basic background is psychology. Her second bachelor degree was in phonetics. She is Head of the Laboratory for Psycholinguistic Research and Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme Language and Cognitive Neuroscience. Melita Kovacevic held research and visiting positions at different European and American universities and is a member of various national and international societies.

Melita Kovacevic has been a member of different national and European bodies related to higher education and has a status of European expert of higher education. Melita Kovacevic is also former Chair of the Steering Committee of the EUA Council of Doctoral Education. Within the UNICA Network Melita Kovacevic is particularly active in the area of doctoral education and research. From 2014 to 2015 she was a member of the UNICA Steering Committee. Melita Kovacevic is also a member of Advisory Board of the Regional Platform for Benchmarking Cooperation in Higher Education and Research.  As a HE expert she participates in international evaluation teams.