Maxime Forest, EGERA [Effective Gender Equality in Reseearch and the Academia] project.

Round Table discussion: Integrating gender and diversity in cultural change in research and innovation as a sustainable policy effort

Maxime Forest Maxime Forest, PhD, is senior researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, and scientific coordinator of the EU-funded EGERA project ( His research interests include the making and implementation of gender equality policies and strategies at the EU, national, sub-national and organizational level. He authored and co-edited books, chapters and articles and international peer-reviewed journals and publishers. Among his most recent publications, The Politics of Feminist Knowledge Transfer. Gender Training and Gender Expertise, co-edited with Maria Bustelo and Lucy Ferguson (Palgrave, 2016), and the chapter devoted with Lut Mergaert to “Integrating Gender Equality and Diversity”, in Dingwall & MacDonnell’s SAGE Handbook of Research Management (SAGE, 2015). Maxime Forest was appointed an executive member of the French High Gender Equality Council in 2013 and 2016, and his regularly consulted by EIGE and the Council of Europe on issues relevant to the institutionalization of gender equality policies.