Luciano d'Andrea, TRIGGER [Transforming Institutions by Gendering contents and  Gaining Equality in Research] project.

4.00pm, Round table discussion: Integrating gender and diversity in cultural change in research and innovation as a sustainable policy effort.

Luciano d’Andrea (male), consultant of ASDO, sociologist, has coordinated several research projects in fields at the crossroad of science, technology and social change, such as science-society relations, science communication, urban development, and research-based innovation. He also carried out projects on gender-related issues at national and international level such as the involvement of fathers in child care in Europe, the women’s role for reconstruction in post-conflict areas and methodologies for supporting women returning to work after leave periods. He has been involved in an in-depth research study on inequality factors affecting women's careers in the sector of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. He is currently member of the ASDO teams for the TRIGGER project and the LIBRA project, in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of the gender equality Action Plans.