Kris Dejonckheere, UNICA, Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe.

9am-10.15 Chair, First Session Welcome and Opening Plenary.

Kris Dejonckheere Kris Dejonckheere assumed the position of UNICA Secretary General in 2001. As head of the General Secretariat of an international network of 46 universities, she has a profound understanding of the processes taking place in the European Higher Education Area and extensive knowledge of higher education policy consulting, team leadership and management of European projects. Kris represents UNICA at the senior level in contacts with European Union institutions, HE organisations, networks and non-governmental organisations from and outside Europe. Together with the UNICA Board, she develops UNICA strategic and annual work plans and takes a key role in designing programmes and content of UNICA seminars and workshops.

For 6 years, Kris was the project coordinator of the Higher Education Reform project, a service contract with the European Commission the main aim of which was the training of Bologna Experts and Higher Education Reform Experts from Tempus Partner Countries. She has also coordinated several projects carried out in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme and three Tempus programmes: PRIUM: Promoting a model of Integrated University in the fYR of Macedonia (completed in 2010) and UZDOC: Enhancing quality of doctoral education at HEIs in Uzbekistan and RUMI: Réseau des universités marocaines pour l'enseignement inclusif - Network of Moroccan Universities for Inclusive Education (both ongoing).

Kris holds degrees in Law and Ethics from Ghent University. She spent her early career as Law and Ethics teacher at several HEIs and assumed the role of Political Advisor for University matters to the Flemish Minister for Education. Prior to joining UNICA she held various positions at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and for many years she was responsible for Research and Development, International Relations & Interface with the Industry.