Kat Gupta, Oxford Brookes University, UK.

4.00pm, Round Table discussion: Integrating gender and diversity in cultural change in research and innovation as a sustainable policy effort.

Kat Gupta Kat Gupta is a linguist teaching at Oxford Brookes University, UK with research interests in corpus linguistics, critical discourse analysis, gender, queer theory, and issues of ideology and power. Their academic work examines the media representation of socially and/or politically disenfranchised groups. Kat's recently published monograph, Representation of the British Suffrage Movement (Bloomsbury, 2016), examines the media representation of the suffrage movement in The Times 1908-14, with particular focus on the ideologically convenient conflation of distinct suffrage identities. Their current research explores the pronouns used in mainstream media when reporting transgender people's lives and experiences. 

 Kat's activism focuses on the intersection between trans, queer and non-white experiences; they have experience of working with UK national and local corporations, organisations and support groups in order to better provide for LGBQ and trans people.

They tweet as @mixosaurus and blog at http://www.mixosaurus.co.uk