Emel Memís

11:00am, Parallel Sessions, Opportunities and Challenges of GEAP implementation experience through GENOVATE Project in Ankara University between 2013-2016.

Emel Memis. Emel Memís, works as assistant professor in the economics department of Ankara University, specializing in macroeconomics, gender and economic development, and feminist economics.  She is the vice co-ordinator and expert of GENOVATE and a member of Women Studies Centre of AU and involved in Gender Studies program designing lectures on women's labour

She joined the Levy Economics Institute as a research associate in the Gender Equality and Economy program in 2007, where she has been doing research particularly on unpaid work, poverty and time poverty.  Emel has been involved in the International Working Group on Gender, Macroeconomics, and International Economics. (GEM-IWG) and Feminist Researchers Studying Women's Labour (KEFA) group in Turkey contributing both as a researcher and as an activist on women's labour and employment issues in Turkey. 

Emel holds B.S. and M.Sc. degrees in economics from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Utah in 2007.