Dr Daniela Kállayová

Daniela Kallayova Dr Daniela Kállayová gained much experience in her position as Vice Dean for International Affairs and head of the Public Health Department in the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, she coordinated the Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) Program in cooperation with Iowa University, USA.  Daniela has been involved in  mahy projects funded by EC, such as the following: "Closing the Gap" - How to tackle health inequalities, Strategies for Action to tackle health inequalities in Europe (2004-2007), "HIA-NMAC" - Health Impact Assessment in New Member States and Pre-Accession Countries (2005-2008), "RAPID" - Risk Assessment from Policy to Impact Dimension (2009-2012) and the "Healthy Inclusion" - Development of Recommendations for Integrating Socio-Cultural Standards in Health Promoting Interventions and Services (2008-2011). 

She is a member of the management committee within the European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action IS1103: ADAPT - Adapting European health systems to diversity (2011-2015) following the COST Action IS0603: HOME - Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (2007-2011).