Prof M Crina A Oltean-Dumbrava

10.15am Parallel session, Journeying towards institutional structural gender equality change: reflections from GENOVATE@UNIBRAD.

Prof Crina Oltean-Dumbrava Prof M Crina A Oltean-Dumbrava, Professor in Sustainable Built Environment;  Crina's area of expertise lies in sustainable built environments and her specialist interest is in multi-criteria decision support systems used to develop multi-criteria analysis frameworks, methods and tools, within sustainability assessment and other multi-disciplinary/criteria holistic approaches. She has completed a Work Package that developed a framework for assessing the sustainability of noise reducing barriers and devices as part of the QUIESST EU FP7 project, and as a result of this work has been appointed as the BSI (UK) expert on the ISO and the European Committee for Standardisation CEN/TC 226/WG6 Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices Committee. She was also appointed as a convenor for the CEN/TC 226/WG6 TG4 that will look at the implementation of sustainability and sustainability assessment in Road and Rail Traffic Noise Reducing Devices standards. In 2014 she was appointed as a Liaison Officer between CEN/TC 226 Road Equipments and CEN/TC 350 Sustainability of Construction Works.

Crina has authored/co-authored 13 books, and published over 110 papers. She is or has been Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator or Collaborator of 42 research and teaching grants worth over 11m (GBP). Crina has been leading multi-national research projects and contributing to course development in several countries.