Prof Çíler Dursun

11:00am, Parallel Sessions, Opportunities and Challenges of GEAP implementation experience through GENOVATE Projoect in Ankara University between 2013-2016.

Ciler Dursun Prof Çíler Dursun works as a professor at the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University and has a PhD in communication studies.  Professor Dursun's specialism areas include studies on  media and gender, discourse analysis, theories of ideology, science communication, social identity and psychoanalysis.  She is also the GENOVATE National Scientific Coordinator in Turkey and  coordinates a national Project as Reception of STI News in Turkey and Improving Science Journalism which focuses both on the readers of the newspapers and the practices of journalists in Turkey.

Professor Dursun recently completed a module of EU-UNFPA supported Project on Violence Against Women in Turkey and  has written two books on Developing an Alternative News Language on Violence Against Women and Women NGO's and Media (co-author).  She conducted work shops for journalists and women NGO leaders and  is a member of Women Studies Centre of Ankara University, Senate member and the vice chair of Gender Equality Action Commission of AU