Institutional implementation of GENOVATE GEAP in Slovakia

 Alexandra Bražinová, MD, PhD, Daniela Kállayová, PhD.

Trnva University, Slovakia

Historically, Trnava University (TU) represents one of the oldest universities in Slovakia. Trnava University was established by Cardinal Peter Pázmaň in 1635. Presently our university consists of:  Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Theology and Rectorate.

In order to implement institution–specific goals and objectives of the project GENOVATE, TU  has developed GEAP ( Gender Equality Action Plan) with these main areas:

  • Gender Equality in Recruitment, Progression and Research Support; Working environment and culture change;
  • The GENOVATE model for Gender Equality in Transforming Research
  • Career Development Plan
  • Dissemination and sustainability strategy

We have used the following methods for the implementation of GENOVATE project in our institution: GENOVATE café, verbal and written reflections, climate assessment, Delphi method.  Within the GEAP implementation we have assesed institutional climate and based further project activities on the assessment. In order to improve the gender competent workplace we have developed Career Development Plan and implemented it at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work. We have also co-coordianted with the University of Bradford, development of the GENOVATE model for Gender Equality in Transforming Research.