Ankara University

Opportunities and  Challenges of GEAP Imlementation Experience through GENOVATE Project in Ankara University between 2013-2016. 

Prof.Dr.Çiler Dursun & Assoc. Prof. Emel MemiƟ

Ankara University is the first and still a unique example of a university that has a GEAP in the higher education system of Turkey. As a policy document, GEAP has prepared as the basis of a comprehensive field research, which reflected current gender equality culture and needs of AU working environments. It was also discussed and approved by University Senate in 2012.

Existing institutional structure the determined the implementation experience of GEAP from the beginning. Some of the features of its structure reflect main problems of the equality issues in the global higher education system while others reflect local context of Turkey’s higher education system. There are certainly some minor features which only characterises AU.

This presentation will display major opportunities, advantages and availabilities of AU for GEAP implementation between 2013- 2016. Our strategy was to make a vivid environment in the university by using bottom up and top down approaches to make more involvement of academics and to create real structural change. Through this presentation, GEAP implementation experiences of AU will enlighten other universities to develop concrete and practical strategies in the gender mainstreaming in centred methods.