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Dr Maria Bustelo

Maria Bustelo

Dr. María Bustelo, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration and Delegate of the Rector for Equality at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Director of the Master on Evaluation of Programmes and Public Policies (UCM), and President of the European Evaluation Society 2012-2013. Leader at UCM of several National and European research projects on the quality of gender equality policies and structural change at universities, among them, MAGEEQ (2003-2005, FP5), QUING (2006-2011, FP6) and GENOVATE (2013-2016, FP7). She currently integrates the UNWomen Global Evaluation Committee (2014-2016) and the Expert Group on Gender Training at the UN Women Training Centre, and she is member of the advisory committees of the projects EGERA Integrating Gender Equality into Research Performing Organisations (EIGE-D.G Research). One of her latest publications is The Politics of Feminist Knowledge Transfer: Gender Training and Gender Expertise (Palgrave, 2016), co-edited with Lucy Ferguson and Maxime Forest.



Dr Maria Velasco

Maria Velasco Dr Maria Velasco
, PhD in Political Science, is Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), where she teaches on Public Policies and Evaluation.  She has extensive record in consultancy assignments in the fields of public policy and urban governance; tourism policy; cultural tourism and polity institutions. 

At the research level she has been member of several national research projects on urban policies; sectorial public policies and political institutions.  She has a number of publications on these topics (  She also was Interim Executive Advisor to the Rector of Complutense University and the overall coordinator of the Tourism Studies.


Dr Julia Espinosa

Julia Espinosa Dr Julia Espinosa
. She is a Sociologist and has a postgraduate course in Evaluation of Public Policies and Programmes and a PhD in Political Science (complutense University, Madrid - Spain).  She has worked as a researcher, an evaluator and an expert in gender equality and social development for the last ten years.  Specifically, She has focused her activity on researching evaluation systems and methodologies as well as evaluating plans and programs in Western Europe and in Latin America.  She has worked for different Universities (Complutense University, University of Seville, FLACSO-Argentina, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, etc), public institutions (Regional Government of Andalusia and Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, etc) and organizations (intermon Oxfam International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Acsur-las Segovias etc).  Additionally, She has been teaching Evaluation, International Development Studies and Gender Equality at a postgraduate level since 2002.  currently, She coordinates the 'Gender and Evaluation' Thematic working Group of the European Evaluation Society and She is a member of the Associate Experts network - UNDP for Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization in Latin America and the Caribbean).  Her most recent publication is the paper "Moving towards gender-sensitive evaluation? Practices and challenges in international-development evaluation", Evaluation, volume 19 (2013)