Trnava University in Trnava (TU)

Team Profile


Dr Alexandra Brazinová

Alexandra Brazinová Dr Alexandra Brazinová is a medical doctor, with a further education in public health and PhD from social medicine.  She is the chair of Health Management Department and a lecturer at the Faculty of Health and Social Work of Trnava University in Trnava, Slovak Republic. 

Dr Brazinová is an active researcher, leading and participating in several international and national research projects on quality of health care and its aspects.  Dr Brazinová is a former research fellow of NIH-Fogarty programme at the School of Public Health at the University of California in Berkeley (2004-2006). 

Prior to her academic affiliation, Alexandra worked as an advisor to the Sloval Minister of Health on patient's rights issues (2002-2004), executive director of league for Mental Health - a non-governmental organisation active in mental health awareness (2003-2004) and participated in human rights awareness projects coordinated by the Slovak Helsinki Committee, an organisation active in the area of human rights protection (2000-2006).


Michaela Hromková, MSc.

Michaela Hromková Michaela Hromková is a GENOVATE project co-ordinator for Trnava University, Slovakia.  Michaela is in the last year of her PhD Social Work study and the topic of her dissertation is "Quality of social services for people with disabilities and their evaluation".  

She is a member of Faculty Senate and she is also involved in the VEGA project - Evaluation of Social Services and APVV project - Identify of Social Work, an Academic and Professional Debate.  Michaela was a coordinator of volunteers working with children in substitutional family care and she worked as a personal assistant of a boy with several disabilities.


Dr Monica O'Mullane

Monica O'Mullane Dr Monica O'Mullane was the GENOVATE Scientific Coordinator for Trnava University until 1st December 2013, due to an impending maternity leave.  Dr Brazinová took over as Scientific Coordinator from this date.  Monica was also leading the Slovak team in an EC funded project (DG SANCO) "Reducing Health Inequalities" (ACTION-FOR-HEALTH) (2012-2014).  

Monica completed her PhD and postdoctoral studies in Ireland before coming to Slovakia in 2010, where she has since been continuing her research into Health Impact Assessment (HIA).  She edited a volume entitled "Health Impact Assessment and the Policy Process" for Oxford University Press, released in April 2013, and will be the sole author of a forthcoming book entitled "Health Impact Assessment of Irish Public policy", to be published by Manchester University Press in 2014.


Dr Daniela Kállayová

Daniela Kállayová Dr Daniela Kállayová gained much experience in her position as Vice Dean for International Affairs and head of the Public Health Department in the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work, she coordinated the Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) Program in cooperation with Iowa University, USA.  Daniela has been involved in  mahy projects funded by EC, such as the following: "Closing the Gap" - How to tackle health inequalities, Strategies for Action to tackle health inequalities in Europe (2004-2007), "HIA-NMAC" - Health Impact Assessment in New Member States and Pre-Accession Countries (2005-2008), "RAPID" - Risk Assessment from Policy to Impact Dimension (2009-2012) and the "Healthy Inclusion" - Development of Recommendations for Integrating Socio-Cultural Standards in Health Promoting Interventions and Services (2008-2011). 

She is a member of the management committee within the European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action IS1103: ADAPT - Adapting European health systems to diversity (2011-2015) following the COST Action IS0603: HOME - Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (2007-2011).


Dr Andrej Kállay

Andrej Kállay Dr Andrej Kállay is a Professor Assistant and Research Fellow of the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work at Trnava University in Trnava in the Slovak Republic.  Andrej was previously a member of the University Senate. 

His research is oriented towards quantitative and qualitative methods, social service delivery systems and social policy in Slovakia and other countries.  Andrej is a member of the Local Centre of Gender Equality in Trnava, European Research Institute of Social Work and others. 

Andrej is part of the editorial board for the Journal of European research Institute Social Work (ERIS). 


Dr Lubica Ilievová

Lubica Ilievová Dr Lubica Ilievová has served as the Vice-Dean of academic affairs since 2008.  Recently, Lubica commenced her position as Vice-Rektor (President) of educational affairs. 

Her research and teaching interests include research in nursing, project activities and the systematic implementation of active social learning in nursing.  In 2011 she spent time in Kenya as part of a public health project on indoor air quality.


Dr Lucia Chatrnúchová

Lucia Chatrnúchová Lucia chatrnúchová is GENOVATE Financial Manager for Trnava University.  Lucia has worked in different industries in a variety of positions within the private sector. 

At the beginning of her professional life she worked in an administrative capacity and then in the position of financial Controller.  Lucia graduated from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, from within the Department of Industrial Management.  Lucia holds ‌postgraduate degrees, both MSc and PhD.

Zuzana Polakovicova

Zuzana Polakovicova is a GENOVATE project coordinator for Trnava University, Slovakia, Zuzana is in the third year of external PhD. study of Social Work and the topic of her dissertation is Human Mangement Resources and a Career Growth as a Basement of Knowledge Management.  She cooperates with International Corporation on career development plans.