About Us

GENOVATE is a FP7-funded [under Science in Society SiS 2012. 2.1.1-1 programme] action research project which is coordinated and led by Professor Uduak Archibong [MBE] of the University of Bradford.  GENOVATE operates across seven European partner institutions; each of which have different institutional and national contexts for gender equality.

GENOVATE seeks to ensure equal opportunities for women and men by encouraging a more gender-competent management in research, innovation and scientific decision-making bodies, with a particular focus on universities.  The core aims are;

  • To implement innovative and sustainable strategies for change in universities and research organisations to better support gender diversity and equal opportunities
  • To promote the ways in which gender equality and diversity benefit excellence in research and innovation
  • To facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange between European universities with very different levels of experience
  • To develop and widely disseminate a sound management approach for abolishing gender inequalities and contributing to the improvement of working conditions for male and female researchers

GENOVATE seeks to implement strategies for the transformation of organisational structures towards more gender-competent management.  The core goals are:

  • Implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans with sustainable strategies within each partner institution
  • Development of a Social Model of Gender Equality
  • Implementation for wider application to  other organisations and stakeholders

GENOVATE Brochure 20.11.14 (PDF 1.422 KB)

GENOVATE Brochure 20.11.14 (docx 1.158 KB)